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Generally, it is recommended that you have an office cleaning service at least after every 6 months. This will help you to avoid a buildup of dirt, mildew or dust that may lead to health problems. Furthermore, if you leave the carpet to pile up dirt, it may develop a number of permanent dents that may deteriorate it even after being cleaned.

When people walk with dirty shoes on the carpet, the fibers will be damaged and they will cut off leading to it wearing out prematurely. On the other hand, when you have a frequent cleaning of your office carpet, the deep dirt that sink inside it will be removed and that will avoid quick discoloration and wearing of the carpet.

Factors That Determine Your Carpet Cleaning Regurality

• The Type of Carpet

Color and style of your carpet will determine how often you will need to clean the carpet. Usually, lighter carpets tend to trap more dirt than thick and heavy carpet, for that, they will need more frequent cleaning than once a year.

• The Kind of Service Required

There are office carpet cleaning companies that offer multiple services for your carpet. For that matter, the type of service you need, will determine how often you will need the cleaning of your carpet. The main services offered are shampooing, vacuuming and absolute cleaning. These services give different results in general since they use different methodology altogether. If its vacuuming, it can be done more frequently compared to thorough cleaning and shampooing which will take much time in cleaning since they use water.

• Number of Customers

An office that has many clients that walk frequently on the carpet will need an office cleaning service at least once every month to maintain the cleanliness and condition of it. Nevertheless, excessive cleaning may slowly wear the carpet, so if your carpet can look good for a long time, then you should stick to the once a year cleaning. You simply need to hire a professional company to clean your carpet who will ensure the carpet is clean and in the perfect condition with the help of advanced equipments.

Cleaning your office carpet regularly will benefit your company in a huge way. First off, the general outlook of the carpet will be seen and in the same way, it will maintain its condition and quality. The cleaning will also boost the employees’ morale and gives out a good public image. They will enjoy working in a clean and health safe environment, which in turn gives them energy in being efficient and more devoted to their work. More customers will flock your office since it is clean and gives a fresh environment.

You will have reduced cases of health complications with your employees due to dirt in your carpet. For that, having a regular cleaning of your office carpet will reduce diseases and boost your productivity level by keeping your employees in good health.

It is difficult to maintain an office carpet cleaning on your own. But, you can always hire a specialist who is more experienced in the field and is equipped with the best tools for the job. Depending on your office size, carpet type and service demand, you will need a regular office carpet cleaning. The bigger the office, the less often the cleaning is required. All in all, make sure that you have hired a carpet cleaning service at least after every 6 months. Whichever the reason, do not let 6 months pass without having a carpet cleaning in your office.

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If you are one of those homeowners who believes that cleaning the carpet will damage the fibers, you may be surprised to learn that regular cleaning will actually extend the life of your expensive carpeting, area rugs and even upholstered furniture. It’s important to realize that you should not expect this kind of results from most rental units or home shampooers. The services offered by Powerclean carpet cleaning are the kind of quality that will pay off in years of usable carpeting life.

The purpose of carpet cleaning is to get rid of the particles of dirt that can cut the fibers themselves. Dirt particles are sharp edged and can be very abrasive. In addition, there are other substances that work their way into the fibers over time, unless there is regular cleaning taking place. Vacuuming is important to remove loose debris and dirt particles, but even a top quality vacuum will not pick up ground in dirt or any tacky dirt.

Regular cleaning, according to independent studies show that a cleaned carpet, rug, or upholstery will stay cleaner longer than when it was first laid. You may wonder how this could be so. The professional cleaning process removes any unwanted finishing solutions that may be left during installation or in the manufacturing process.

Deciding how often to obtain professional cleaning depends upon several factors. The number of people in the household, whether or not there are smokers in the building and the number of pets if any who are part of the home are key elements. Each home should be cleaned no less often than once yearly. Even if the home is empty and there is no traffic, there will be some amount of dust and similar contaminants that form a covering on the carpeting.

When the home has only one or two residents and no pets, an annual cleaning is probably adequate. This assumes that no one in the home is a smoker. It is also expected that there will be regular vacuuming using a top quality machine. Attention will be paid to spots, stains and spills quickly.

If there are one or two smokers in the home, or if there are pets or children residing there, a cleaning schedule of every nine months is appropriate. The nine month schedule fits well with the season, so that special emphasis is given to each season every fourth year. The type of dirt that may be present in a carpet is different in winter months than in the summertime.

A cleaning schedule every six months is appropriate if you have multiple smokers and kids in the residence. The same schedule is appropriate if there are pets and children living in the home. A three month schedule should be followed if your residence has smokers and children and pets.

If you live in the Victoria area, a Powerclean carpet cleaner service has the knowledge and ability to get the regular cleaning done quickly and satisfactorily. There is peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything possible to protect the investment in floor coverings and upholstery.