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Power Clean

Power Clean provides full cleaning, building maintenance, and other specialized services in Victoria BC. We hold high-quality standards, are environmentally conscious, and are constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and to reduce our ecological footprint. We strive to satisfy all needs of our customers while also caring for our employees' health, and making sure to create safe working conditions.

We abide by current security and occupational laws. Our services are provided both locally in Victoria BC and internationally in order to fulfill many of our customers' needs.


Our mission is to deliver comprehensive cleaning services, location maintenance and specialized services aiming to satisfy needs of all involved parties. We continue to improve our work processes, remain mindful of the environment, and care for our workers' health through providing safe working conditions and implementing security and occupational health regulations.


Our vision is to provide excellent delivery of comprehensive solutions in cleaning, location maintenance, and specialized services to all sectors of the economy through a committed and qualified team. We use advanced equipment and innovative technology to satisfy the customers' expectations while abiding by quality, security and occupational health regulations. This allows us to reach international markets.


Our Objective is to provide the best service in order to contribute to the improvement, efficiency and efficacy of each of our customers' properties by making their workplaces comfortable, healthy and clean. To help companies deal with the basic upkeep of their properties so that they can focus on the core of their business. To offer competition in our market by providing the best rates and surpassing our customers' expectations.