Power Clean Building Maintenance provides more than just routine office cleaning; we provide the necessary services required to maintain a clean and pleasant environment. We ensure that all areas as well as any "special requests" are cleaned thoroughly and professionally inside and outside. We also focus on areas most cleaning services tend to overlook; areas where bacteria can accumulate, such as phones, doors, door handles, light switches etc. We work with you to develop a personalized cleaning program that will meet your budget and meet the needs of your facility.

At Power Clean Building Maintenance, maintaining our reputation and client expectations are our number one priority; our motto is to provide "service excellence" at every visit. By adhering to this code, we are confident you will be pleased with our cleaning services, our quality of our work and the professionalism of our highly trained staff.

When you decide to hire Power Clean Building Maintenance as your janitorial service provider, you can rest assured that we will perform our duties with the highest degree of professionalism. We will not cut corners or rush through the cleaning process; we will look for ways to improve the overall airborne cleanliness as well as visual cleanliness each and every time.

We take pride in our reputation, our quality of work and our customer satisfaction. We will provide the staff and equipment necessary to ensure whatever cleaning task needs to be done, is done on time and without compromise to quality.




We provide excellent customer service and deliver the best attention to your customers through a commitment to friendliness, respect, and honesty.

landscaping and outdoor maintenance


We provide excellent landscaping options to help make your location attractive for all visitors.



We can clean all external surfaces of a building to help keep the building looking new. We first conduct an evaluation to determine which techniques will be best used for various types of surfaces and building needs.

building operational services


We offer basic and specialized services tailored to your needs. Our skilled workers will maintain your buildings and make sure all operations are functional.

Window cleaning


We can safely clean external glass windows in buildings that reach over three meters high. Our staff are certified and experienced to handle washing windows at all different heights.



We can clean all external surfaces of a building to help keep the building looking new. We first conduct an evaluation to determine which techniques will be best used for various types of surfaces and building needs.

carpet cleaning


We provide both superficial and deep cleaning services for all kinds of carpet to remove dust and dirt. We use several different methods, including: injection, extraction, Bonnet, and encapsulation. These methods ensure great results, and make your office/home feel bigger and brighter.

floor polishing


Thermo-chemical process enhances the natural sheen of the marble floors is enhanced, making the compositions of calcium and magnesium to surface the floor and give this a resemblance to a mirror shine.

Web Design Trends


We provide periodical parking lot/pavement cleaning to get rid of dirt accumulation derived from petrol/oils and tire marks.

fumigation and pest control


We provide control services that include applying liquid or solid pesticides to control insect and rodent populations.

Our Company


Power Clean provides full cleaning, building maintenance, and other specialized services. We hold high-quality standards and are environmentally conscious. We strive to satisfy all needs of our customers while also caring for our employees' health and making sure to create safe working conditions. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our efficiency and to reduce our ecological footprint. We abide by the current security and occupational laws. Our services are provided locally and internationally to cater to many of our customers' needs.


Our vision is to provide excellent delivery of comprehensive solutions in cleaning, location maintenance, and specialized services to all sectors of the economy through a committed and qualified team. We use advanced equipment and innovative technology to satisfy the customers' expectations while abiding by quality, security and occupational health regulations. This allows us to reach international markets.


Our mission is to deliver comprehensive cleaning services, location maintenance and specialized services aiming to satisfy needs of all involved parties. We continue to improve our work processes, remain mindful of the environment, and care for our workers' health through providing safe working conditions and implementing security and occupational health regulations.


To provide the best service in order to contribute to the improvement, efficiency and efficacy of each of our customers' properties by making their workplaces comfortable, healthy and clean. To help companies deal with the basic upkeep of their properties so that they can focus on the core of their business. To offer competition in our market by providing the best rates and surpassing our customers' expectations.

Environmental Management System: POWER CLEAN BUILDING MAINTENANCE

Our company has implemented the ISO 14000 environmental management system. We are active in seeking out ways to protect the environment, and our commitment will become our family legacy for the planet. As of April 22nd 2015, the Power Clean Building Maintenance Board, based in Canada. We meet the quality and environmental standards in all our services, and remain up-to-date with all our qualifications and certifications. Our aim is to deliver top-class, efficient services, while consistently following standardized policies in order to maintain security, health, quality for our personnel and customers.

Environmental Management System: POWER CLEAN BUILDING MAINTENANCE

We are constantly working on ways to reduce pollution and the enviromental impact generated by our activities. We created The Environmental Management BUILDING MAINTENANCE POWER CLEAN SAS which adds the control measures that will be used to reduce impacts on the environment.

Environmental Management System: POWER CLEAN BUILDING MAINTENANCE

We are continually improving our environmental management system. We aim to preserve the environment by finding ways to reduce the negative impact that harsh chemicals and other wastes can have on the environment.


Thanks to our successful service and efficiency in Canada, our company has established itself as one of the best in terms of speed and service quality in the country. Canada has welcomed us with their citizenship and many opportunities to make Canada our home; however, we still feel that our hearts and families are in Colombia and there is no better way to express this than by sharing a bit of Canada with our country. That is why, some years ago, we started donating resources to children in need in

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